The Foundation welcomes individuals, institutions and businesses to join its hands to further strengthen the environment conservation and sustainability efforts.

The People

A significant amount of misery in the world exists due to the issues related to poor human health that germinate from deteriorating environmental quality. The Foundation works towards educating and empowering people as it believes that if the people could be made aware of the quantitative impact of their habits and actions on the environmental condition such as pollution and its relationship with their health and well-being, they are likely to change their behavior for good

The Business

The Foundation is a big promoter of the TRIPLE BOTTOM LINE (Planet + People + Profit) concept. It propagates business models that believes in pro-environment and pro-people strategies which can synergistically create business profits while yielding long-term reputational dividends. The Foundation believes that a judicious transfer of the strategic intelligence embedded in these models; thoughtfully augmented by new, customized, innovative enviro-strategic models for businesses including social enterprises in India have the potential to change the business landscape for good benefiting 3Ps simultaneously and synergistically.

The Government

Numerous studies in India and elsewhere have shown that a small investment in environmental improvement leverages not only a much-improved quality of life through better health and wellness, it saves more than commensurate amount in future health expenditures. Businesses are quite often prone to compromise with the environmentally sound decisions as they fear [wrongly; due to their myopic vision and flawed strategies] loss of profits. People, similarly, take an easy way out as the environmentally right way to do a specific task is considered expensive or hard. The Government can play a huge “enabler” role by supporting people’s and businesses’ efforts through appropriate regulations and resources. The Foundation can and is willing to play a vital role in assisting the government to recommend environmentally effective policies that incentivize or facilitate use of low-energy-consumption or energy efficient devices.